Chief Residents

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  • Emmanuel Asiedu, MD

    Hometown: Lincoln, RI
    Undergrad: Rhode Island College
    Medical School: Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

    Why I came to Brown: For me, I was looking for a Residency Program which would provide great social support [much needed during a pandemic] as well as the opportunity clinical growth in medicine in a collaborative environment. I found all of these traits here at Brown’s training program. Through my time as a medical student and into residency it was evident that the camaraderie between the residents as well as the attendings were genuine. The house staff truly enjoyed each other’s company which provided a safe space for learning and growth in medicine. The relationships I’ve fostered while at Brown have been organic and I have made some of my closest friends during my training. During my training I also had the luxury of experiencing great clinical training and research while working with some world-renowned mentors and attendings in their respective field of expertise. I’ve enjoyed my time as a trainee in Brown’s Residency Program and I’m excited to take on this next year as a Chief Resident to continue to help this program!

    Professional Interest: Hospital Medicine; Critical-Care Cardiology; Medical Education

    Hobbies & Joy: Soccer and Football. The Marvel Universe

  • Colin Daingerfield, MD

    Hometown: North Brunswick, NJ
    Undergrad: University of Delaware
    Medical School: University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

    Why I came to Brown: Of all the programs I interviewed at, the housestaff at Brown impressed me the most. From the pre-interview happy hour to morning report to afternoon ice cream, the residents were kind, supportive, collaborative, and equally excited to share their medical knowledge and favorite things about Providence. It was a culture I felt I could thrive in as a doctor, learner, and human being. At the end of three years, it was everything I expected it would be and more. Additionally, the “Second Site” program was a very attractive feature of the program. To be paired with a subspecialist of your choosing and to grow under their mentorship and tutelage was an invaluable experience.

    Professional Interest: Medical Education, Point of Care Ultrasound, Hospital Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

    Hobbies & Joy: Disc Golf, Crossword Puzzles, Singing, Cooking/Baking, The Providence Culinary Scene, Spending time with my wife and our cat Bart (short for Bartonella Henselae)

  • Ann Ding, MD

    Hometown: Knoxville, TN
    Undergrad: Vanderbilt University
    Medical School: Univeristy of Texas – San Antonio

    Why I came to Brown: I chose Brown because of the authenticity, warmth, and kindness of the faculty and residents, coupled with its academically rigorous learning environment. The residents and faculty here are down-to-earth, but at the same time they have accomplished some pretty impressive things, which pushes us all to be better. Our program has the perfect balance of a supportive but stimulating learning environment. It also doesn’t hurt that the program is located in the Ocean State, with many close-by beaches and outdoor activities. Providence also has an amazing food scene, with lots of new and exciting restaurants, that I love exploring!

    Professional Interest: Medicine-Pediatrics; Primary Care; Correctional Health for Incarcerated Populations; Global Health

    Hobbies & Joy: Piano, Guitar, Yelp Elite, Body Pump, Traveling, Exploring the restaurant scene, Spending time with my husband, Playing with my baby Zeke!

  • Anna Hardesty, MD

    Hometown: Boise, ID
    Undergrad: University of Utah
    Medical School: University of Washington

    Why I came to Brown: The biggest thing that stood out to me on my interview day was how open and welcoming everyone was. At the pre-interview dinner, residents, applicants and attendings were all talking as equals, and I could tell that the residents around me truly liked and knew one another. This impression continued through my interview experience, and I left the day remembering how friendly and inclusive everyone was. That impression has stayed with me. From attendings who have us call them by their first names, to social gatherings that the whole residency attends, at every level this is a collegial institution.

    Professional Interest: Infectious Disease, transplant medicine, and medical education

    Hobbies & Joy: Skiing, camping, traveling, cooking, and eating delicious food (often throughout Rhode Island)

  • Amelia Tajik, MD

    Hometown: Holliston, MA
    University of Massachusetts Amherst
    Medical School:
    University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine

    Why I came to Brown: Brown was my #1 rank for residency!  I was drawn in by the opportunity to be in General Internal Medicine (primary care-focused) program and the women’s health track.  On my interview day, I was blown away by the culture of camaraderie and warmth from PDs and residents alike and knew this was the program for me.  Providence has been the perfect mid-size city for residency – there is always something new and fun to do, yet still maintains a community-feel and is easy to get around.  My favorite things about living here are the restaurant scene and proximity to the beach!

    Professional Interest: Primary care, women’s health, integrative health, refugee health

    Hobbies & Joy: Taking a nice walk/jog with my dog, practicing yoga, spending time at the beach year-round, watching “reality” television, going out to eat with friends and family