Chief Residents

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  • Amy Mathew, MD

    Hometown: Plymoth, MI
    Undergrad: University of Michigan
    Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin

    Why I came to Brown:  What really stood out to me on my interview day was the camaraderie between everyone in the program. From morning report to rounds, all of the residents and attendings seemed genuinely happy to work and learn with each other. Brown’s training program strikes a great balance between strong clinical exposure, advocacy, and research, and allows its trainees to work side by side with excellent mentors and experts in the field. My time at Brown has been true to my initial impression—in addition to gaining a strong clinical training, I have enjoyed coming to work every day with people who have become my closest friends.

    Beyond my time at work, I have loved living in Providence. Rhode Island is a unique state with endless beaches, restaurants, and parks. I still have a long list of things to try, despite having lived here for three years, and am looking forward to exploring more this upcoming year!

    Professional Interest: Pulmonary-Critical Care Medicine, Medical Education, End of Life Care

    Hobbies & Joy: Traveling and learning new languages, biking, painting, trying (and failing) to keep my indoor plants alive.

  • Jaclyn McKenna, MD

    Hometown: Huntington, NY
    Undergrad: The College of William and Mary
    Medical School: Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook

    Why I came to Brown: It was clear from my interview day that the culture at Brown was one of support and enthusiasm, creating an ideal environment for residency training. When I reflect on my experience here, I know that I was challenged as a doctor, but also nourished by my mentors and colleagues in a way that made learning and practicing medicine fun. I was specifically drawn to Brown by the General Internal Medicine track and the opportunity to have additional clinical opportunities and didactics geared toward a career in primary care. You will see our graduates go on to different specialties and practice settings, but I am glad that a good percentage also continue with careers in general internal medicine. I think this reflects our program’s priority to craft exceptional general interest who will go on to use those foundational skills in a variety of ways. Finally, I wanted to check out the New England beaches!

    Professional Interest: Primary Care/ General Internal Medicine. Sports medicine. Medical Education.

    Hobbies & Joy: Beach Volleyball. Basketball. Paddle boarding.

  • Gerry Ovide, MD

    Hometown: Queens, NY
    Undergrad: Temple University
    Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School

    Why I came to Brown: It was immediately clear while interviewing that the residency exuded a collaborative, uplifting and supportive environment among the residents. My experience was later in the interview season, but I was happy to see that what I witnessed was truly the case during my first few months in intern year. That feeling extended to the subspecialty services and unit months. I always felt supported and encouraged to ask, do, and learn. Looking back on my experience, I couldn’t have asked for a better balance of enjoyment in my workplace and opportunity for clinical growth in medicine. Brown will be a part of me always.

    Professional Interest: Cardiology with interest in electrophysiology vs advanced imaging, Medical Education in critical care.

    Hobbies & Joy: If I could afford it, I would travel far more frequently. My dream vacation would be island hopping in Japan.

  • Christopher Ward, MD

    Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
    Medical School: Monash University

    Why I came to Brown: I was fortunate enough to do a medical observership at Brown whilst visiting from Australia. I was very impressed with the balance between clinical education and patient care. It was very clear to me that Brown residents were dedicated to their patients and provided excellent

    care. I was also captured by the quality of morning reports and noon conferences, and the rapid development of strong clinical reasoning skills. Moreover, I could see that the residents worked extremely well together and most importantly were great friends. By the time my interview came around I knew this was the only place I wanted to do my residency. The 3 years that followed exceeded my expectations, with an abundance of procedural, research and clinician educator opportunities. I am eager to give back to the program over the next 12 months as chief resident.

    Professional Interest: Gastroenterology, with a focus on Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    Hobbies & Joy: I love outdoor rock climbing and hiking. I met my wife whilst traveling in Vietnam and we can’t wait to continue exploring the world.

  • Dan Yee, MD

    Hometown: Davis, CA
    Undergrad: University of California, San Diego
    Medical School:  New York Medical College

    Why I came to Brown: When I was looking at residency programs, Brown stood on its own in terms of philosophy and values. There is a culture of learning and support that extends from the leadership down through the program that I think is uncommon to find at other places.

    The three years I’ve spent here so far have been some of the best of my life. I’ve made lifelong friendships and have grown professionally more than I ever could have imagined. Residency can be tough, but Brown has made that transition from medical student to doctor as fulfilling and as seamless possible—If I had to do it all over again, there is no question in my mind that I would pick Brown all over again.

    Professional Interest: Pulmonary and critical care, Pulmonary vascular disease, Acute lung injury/Sepsis.

    Hobbies & Joy: Tennis and Surfing (Yes, I’m one of those crazy people that goes out in the snow to go catch some waves).