Arts & Medicine Track

Our newest track is the Arts & Medicine Track, a curriculum dedicated to investigating the intersection between arts and medicine. It is open to all residents with NO required art background!

The track started in fall of 2022 and has been a great success! The goal of this track is to create novel opportunities to obtain new knowledge and skills in a low stakes environment. The three main goals of this track include:

  • Learn skills to enhance the patient-physician relationship including but not limited to: communication, observation, evaluation of implicit biases, drawing, and mindfulness
  • Create time to interact with patients on a humanistic level
  • Decrease burnout and improve wellness

There are five main track requirements include:

  • Didactic sessions: these occur during noon conferences and early evenings about every other month. They are led by physicians and members of the RI community. They cover a broad range of art forms: visual arts, painting, narrative medicine, improvisation, dance, photography, and music. Each focuses on a specific skill fundamental to the patient-physician relationship and humanistic side of medicine.
  • Patient centered art sessions: while on inpatient wards rotations, residents have dedicated time to create art with hospitalized patients.
  • Journaling: residents have the opportunity for self-reflection after didactic and art sessions
  • Mentor meetings: these occur about two to three times per year to reflect on resident experiences and to discuss their scholarly project
  • Scholarly project: residents synthesize their experiences in the form of a final project. Examples include but are not limited to publishing narrative medicine articles, developing didactic sessions, creation of personal artwork, and QI projects.